The TCS Accredited Coach credential is for the proven coach who is ready to impart his/her skills and start mentoring other coaches.  It requires completion of a set amount of coach-specific training (240 NLP training hours, made up on online and live mentored – plus 20 core competency coaching hours), a minimum of  at least 25 clients, plus 20 accumulated trainer supervisory hours from a qualified Trainer coach, among other requirements.

After fulfilling these requirements, you’ll be recognised and able to purchase your certification, which will be emailed out for you to print onto your preferred paper. Do not purchase any certification before being informed of your qualification.

At this level, the Mentor Coach will be advising and training other coaches at Accredited and Diploma Coach levels. The Trainer Coaches will decide when a Mentor Coach is ready to become accredited, yet he/she can appeal to the board if they determine they need another opinion on their status.


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