TCS Trainer Certified NLP Coach (TCC) credential is for the expert coach. It requires completion of a set amount of coach-specific training, a minimum of 500 coaching experience hours (240 allowed from other training programs – including online) and at least 100 coaching clients, plus a trainers training from a recognised provider, among other requirements.

If you have taken the NLP Master Practitioner training, that enables you to have the allotted 240 hours required from other training companies. Have a look here at these preferred sites: John Overdurf training & Terry Elston NLP Master Practitioner Training & NLP Trainers Training

After fulfilling these requirements, you’ll be recognised and able to purchase your certification, which will be emailed out for you to print onto your preferred paper. Do not purchase any certification before being informed of your qualification.

This is where your coaching becomes your own training company. You will be able to hold training courses for coaches, NLP Practitioners and NLP Master Practitioners – to teach Core Competency skills to those students.

The final decision on whether the Trainer Coach can qualify students directly through TCS will depend on each personal case. Each case will be evaluated by the Board therefore ensuring that the Trainer Certified Coach is keeping the correct standards.

TCS Trainer Certified NLP Coach


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