As an accredited coach, you have now entered into an arena whereby corporations and individuals see you have a recognised certification and a degree of training behind you.

You, as an accredited coach will be working within companies, with sports teams or individuals and one-to-one to facilitate change for all.

This accreditation is recognised by The Coaches Register (LCR), Comensa (South Africa), CPD (UK and South Africa),making it a valuable certification. You can immediately apply to get into LCR’s coaches register.

At The Coaching Society (TCS), we recognise various different training methods to becoming skilled at working with people. TCS recognises Neuro Linguistic Programming (online and face to face), Time Based Techniques, Hypnosis, Meta-Medicine, Spiral Dynamics, Sports Psychology, Psychology, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), as well as some other therapies, as good practice for coaching skills.

For your Accredited NLP Coach status, you’ll need to have completed a live training, plus an accredited online coaching training (which can include the hours from the above practises), plus have fulfilled any requirements from your accredited online or live training provider.

Your provider is recognised by having our logo on their site. Check with us if you have any questions about this.


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