A Relationship Coach has already undergone coaching training and has passed the criteria (is accredited) for an NLP or Business Coach already.

Their speciality is for families/partners that need the Midas Touch, either to bring something back to life, or create something that a person (or people) wants. Most of the ability to become a relationship coach is covered in the NLP Practitioner training.

coaching in relationships

These are the kinds of specialities you will be able to deliver:

  • Setting realistic and achievable goals with your client
  • A comprehensive clearing of all the major negative emotions attached to the relationship, thereby removing any negative associations they may have built up over time to their partner (or prospective partners)
  • Clearing out any restricting beliefs that stop them from having the relationship they want
  • Finding out what is important to them in their relationship and working with each other to resolve any conflicts
  • Re-aligning what they want to fully support each other
  • Learning how to give each other feedback and removing the communication barriers to supporting themselves
  • Understanding each others personality fully so they can revel in each other strengths
  • Learning each other€™s ways of being attracted and how to allow the other person to feel totally in love with themselves and each other.

As a Relationship Coach, you can guide people to their true essence, to find out who they are beyond the stereotypical labels of life. You can assist them is finding freedom with themselves and their partners.

What’s next?

Once you have completed your NLP or Business Coach Certification, you can apply for a Relationship Coach Training with one of our recognised training organisations and then get your accreditation here.

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