The Coaching Society | Accreditation

How To Become Accredited

The Coaching society is renowned for its globally recognized credentialing program. TCS Credentials are available to any coach who meets the requirements for the credential they apply for. The TCS offers four credentials Diploma NLP Coach, Accredited NLP Coach, Mentor NLP Coach and Trainer Certified NLP Coach.

Diploma NLP Coach (DC)
Your Diploma in NLP demonstrates you have a real desire and motivation to learn and digest NLP. You have passed a test which has been set ands taken supervised instruction (if needed) and shown an ability to be flexible with your thinking.

You have undertaken at least an NLP Online training with one of our preferred NLP organisations.

For your NLP Diploma status, you’ll need to have completed an accredited online coaching training (which can include the hours from the above practises), plus have fulfilled any requirements from your accredited online or live training provider.
Learn more about  the Diploma NLP accreditation process

Accredited NLP Coach (AC)
The TCS Associate Certified Coach credential is for the practiced coach. It requires completion of a set amount of coach-specific training; a minimum of 100 coaching hours (which can consist of NLP training and other coaching training), and at least fifteen clients, amongst other requirements. Learn more about the AC accreditation process.

Mentor NLP Coach (MC)
The TCS Accredited Coach credential is for the proven coach, who is ready to impart his/her skills and start mentoring other coaches.  It requires completion of a set amount of coach-specific training (240 NLP training hours, plus 20 coaching hours), a minimum of  at least 25 clients, among other requirements.
Learn more about becoming a Mentor Coach.

TCS Trainer Certified NLP Coach (TCC) credential is for the expert coach. It requires completion of a set amount of coach-specific training, a minimum of 500 coaching experience hours and at least 50 clients, plus a trainers training from a recognised provider, among other requirements.  Learn more and access the TCC application.

There is an expectation that all TCS Credentialed coaches will continue their education and build on their level of experience. The resulting growth in competency and professionalism will be evidenced by their journey to the TCC credential.
Learn more about becoming an accredited Trainer Certified NLP Coach