Coaching in the Corporate World | The Coaching Society

An executive coach will know how to stand face to face with line managers, area managers and CEO’s.

Most coaches have a hesitancy going into the corporate world if they have not had proper training and mentoring about the corporate management world. An executive coach can gain rapport with top management easily and guide them perfectly.

Which corporate clients will you work with?

Once you have taken your Executive Coaching Programme, you are equipped with a huge toolkit of techniques to coach top executives through a wide range of personal performance challenges. If your aim is to go into business as an executive coach, you will be qualified and able to do so. The skills you gain will remain with you for life. They move with you as you move, and using modern technology your client reach is wherever a video line can take you.

What are the basic requirements to become an executive coach?

You have to have your NLP training already (Practitioner level or proof of comprehensive training) and/or a level of coaching practise. If you don’t have any NLP training, but you have a coaching practise, we can get you online NLP training to bring you up to speed with NLP (our preferred coaching toolkit). Then you will take our zoom lessons to add-on executive coaching principles and training.

What do the online classes entail?

There will be two zoom sessions where you’ll be given the secrets to success, be given the chance to let go of any limiting beliefs and get insights into what’s needed to get the business you deserve. There will also be some homework to take away and practise. You will learn that it’s not what an executive coach does that makes such a difference, it’s what an executive coach IS.

What are the costs?

If you are attending the zoom classes only the price is £100 only, plus certification (annually) at £39. If you need the NLP online training it will be an extra £60.00 (reduced from £149) as well as the above costs.

Zoom Classes only (no certification) – early bird at £100

Book Executive Coaching classes (with certification) early bird now at £139

Book Executive Coaching Certification classes plus online NLP Training now early bird now at £199

Book Certification only (having passed all above criteria) at £39