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Integrated Coach Therapist Practitioner. (ICTP) Level 1

This qualification is based on the ability to integrate the skills of coaching and the skills of primary level therapeutic intervention.  In order to register for this qualification, you are required to have completed 120+ hours of coach-therapy training.

You will have completed NLP Practitioner Training as well as Coaching training, a Model of Therapeutic Intervention, A Model of the Unconscious plus a Basic Understanding of Psychology. A commitment to Supervised Practice.

Foundational training, as outlined above, will enable you to work with a wide range of presenting issues, whilst at the same time having a clear focus on the desired outcomes.

£65.00 annually

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ICTP Level 2 — Advanced

In order to complete this qualification you will have taken NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapy training.  This is a further 80 hours training. A commitment to Supervised Practice, plus a qualification in counselling and/or Psychology

£85.00 annually

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ICTP Level 3 — Trainer

This level of qualification requires NLP Trainers Training, Hypnotherapy Trainer.  120+ hours of training is required as well as a continued commitment to supervision, 1 year mentoring a Presentation Skills course and a counselling and/or psychology qualification.

£169.00 annually

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